Our architectural and interior design services span from project space planning all the way to building commissioning.

Artesa evolves in all branches of architecture and interior design such as commercial construction, institutional buildings, multi-residential, restaurant interiors and industrial buildings. We follow our clients where their projects take them to, throughout Canada and the US.

Fields of practice

  • Apartment Building
  • Bank Branch
  • Boutique
  • Cafeteria
  • Commercial Branding Standards
  • Commercial Building
  • Day Care
  • Gymnasium
  • Health Care (Clinic, Hospital, Dental, Local Health Center, Youth Center)
  • Heritage Restoration Including Masonry
  • Industrial Building
  • Interior Pool
  • Laboratory
  • Low Income Housing
  • Municipal
  • New Building
  • Office Building
  • Office Interior
  • Restaurant
  • Retirement Home
  • School (Primary, High School, College)
  • Student Housing

Areas of expertise

  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Expertise in building envelope
  • Commercial Renovation
  • Measuring & Certification
  • Inspection and 3D modeling by drone

All our projects go through an internal environmental review in line with our engagement toward sustainability and our capacity to develop LEED certified project.

Our passionate team of experts push the limits to bring your ambition to life.

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