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Artesa : art + technology + science = architecture

In business since 1995, Artesa is the result of the merger between Line Laurin Architects and Jutras Architecture in 2020. Sixty professionals are working with the same passion in architecture and interior design.  

Creativity, rigor, collaboration and innovation are at the center of our considerations when developing each project. We are a collective of creative and down to earth artisans conceiving tailored spaces, with care. 

Our solution are oriented toward the well being of the human being. The deep understanding of the functionality of each space is the force behind our innovative architectural design solutions.  

Artesa has developped a strong expertise in corporate projects from commercial, institutional, industrial and residential developments. Each client counts. Each project, small or big, deserves the same attention. Our projects reflect our client’s image and their unique character. 


At Artesa, conceiving a project starts with active listening to shape the ideas, the needs, feelings, impressions and well being. Then, we insert these shapes in a physical space which interact and respect its environment. Lastly, we forge, carve, model these shapes to provide them with their own identity, their language reflecting the activities within and the people living in them.


For us, planning is to structure, organize, and prepare the activities, the different steps required to reach the objectives. We use state of the art techniques, methods and softwares to optimize our selected solution in regard to the spatial organization, the environment and the economics. Our creative yet pragmatic, structured, and efficient approach to generate solutions allows us to accomplish quality work within the given schedule.


Artesa’s work continues during the construction to support, verify and control quality. Our specialised personnel insure the space conformity, help finding ways around unforeseen issues, and remain proactive to allow a fluid flow of work. The attentive follow-up provided by an experienced team on which one can trust gives consistent results and peace of mind.


The result of all our efforts allows our clients to thrust forward an activity, a product, or a corporate image through spaces created to fill the physical and emotional needs of those who inhabit them. Our goal is to improve, through architecture and design, the quality of life and our environment. To participate in creating a better world.

Éric Jutras

Architect since 1995, Eric Jutras has acquired a diversified experience through various sizes and types of projects. Principal of the firm, he supports the team members, allowing them to excel and offer attentive service. Specialized in building envelope and project management, he supervises the firm's overall activities with a particular attention to complex projects.

Jacynthe Desrochers

Interior Designer since 2000, Jacynthe Desrochers has been involved in all branches of interior design including office interiors, food services, residential and retail. Being one of the principal partners, she assists the interior design team in their constant quest for innovation and renewal. She is also regularly involved in the design process of the team’s projects.

Mauricio Gularte

Architect with 20 years experience, Mauricio Gularte specializes in building envelope and has extensive experience as site supervisor and project manager. He stands out for his rigor, his organizational capacity and his mastery of projects. He is also in charge of Artesa’s Building Envelope Investigation Unit.

Josée Blanchet

Senior designer with over 20 years of experience, Josée Blanchet is particularly talented at planning spaces, developing color schemes and design in general. Her experience allows her to quickly find the most appropriate solution for any type of space in order to fit its uses and meet users' expectations.

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