Review of 2021

2021 has been a year of consolidation and growth. The team size has increased with the arrival of several new collaborators to reach the 50-employee benchmark by midsummer, including seven architects. We also obtained five nominations and three Grand Prix du Design awards. Several large-scale projects have been added to the portfolio or are in production. Thanks to the whole team for your hard work!

WHO has produced a study that clearly shows the benefits of contemplating works of art. Contemplation creates a positive effect on the brain. A unique phenomenon occurs when the gaze rests on a work for a certain time: the signal from an ordinary object that the eye sends to the brain is transformed, under the effect of light rays, into an electrical flow, stimulating the production of dopamine, the pleasure hormone. The murals, sculptures and public art installations incorporated into the architecture do more than improve the landscape, they make us happy. Artesa has helped make people happier this year by incorporating a work of art created by one of its members on one of its buildings. In addition, Artesa offices also serve as a gallery for exhibiting works of art with the collaboration of the Gallea gallery

Art for everyone!

Public art enriches the landscape and strengthens the feeling of belonging.

Éric JutrasSenior Architect, principal

Photo credit @Catalin Domniteanu, The Future Memories of a Ghost Town

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