Inspiration 2021

Come see what inspires us in 2021

2021: a year marked by the previous one a year of resilience, a new beginning, a year forged by hope and optimism where positivism is brought to the forefront.

Dictated by Pantone, the colors that will illuminate our paths in 2021 are yellow, the color of vitality and dynamism, and gray, the basic tone and stamp of solidity.

In terms of design and creation, inspiration, this creative breath that inhabits and animates us, is found everywhere: in fashion, everyday objects, nature.
Cocoon environments, soft and warm colors, the home office, the desire for nature and escape are just a few examples that will color the trends in interior design in 2021.

For a few years now, we have noticed a strong trend related to the environment. Our choices are more eco-responsible and in 2021 this awareness is even stronger. The choice of materials and their provenance will now be a major issue, where sustainability, traceability and ecological footprint will also be part of the equation.

Human beings are at the heart of planning concerns, they control their environment allowing them to avoid being constraint by it.

Line Laurin
Senior Architect and Designer, Design Director

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