Inspiration 2022

Come see what inspires us in 2022

Is it any wonder that again in 2022, as we enter another year of COVID variants, major trends in architecture and interior design are once again focused on making us feel comfortable? The need to slow down and obligation to spend time confined inside our homes has sparked a strong desire to imagine and create spaces that reflect how we feel. 


And what exactly are our senses drawn to in 2022?  

First, several professionals in the field predict the rise of warmth and earthy tones. Accents inspired by nature – noble materials and organic shapes – push us towards soft environments tinged with curves, soft and lush textures. Essentially, everything warm, welcoming and comfortable is present. Also, the color of the year Very Peri by PANTONE expresses a lively and joyful attitude, which promotes creativity and imaginative expression. 

In this third consecutive year of a global pandemic, our homes have now become the primary setting of our lives: where we work, sleep, and socialize. As people spend more time at home, they expect more versatile spaces. Every corner, every object around us should serve a purpose: it can be a functional element or an emotional element, which we will see more interiors inspired by escapes and travels.

Human beings are at the heart of planning concerns, they control their environment allowing them to avoid being constraint by it.

Line Laurin
Senior Architect and Designer, Design Director

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